«Синьхуа» превращает своих ведущих в ботов

Xinhua turns its leaders into bots

The news agency continues to experiment with digital broadcasters. The female team of AI journalists has replenished with Xin Xiaowei, developed by Sogou. It is a digital copy of real host Zhao Wanwei and is driven exclusively by text input. The new bot, which reads the Xinhua News, has become the most realistic copy of the person working in the agency and will eventually be able to report outside the studio.

Фронтмен группы «Земляне» прокомментировал видео с поющим «Траву у дома» Илоном Маском

The leader of the group “Zemliane” commented on the video with the singing “Grass at home” by Elon Mask

The leader of the group “Earthlings” Sergey Skachkov commented on the performance of the hit “Grass by the House” by Elon Mask. The author of the video made it using DeepFake technology (DeepFaceLab), combining the face of soloist Igor Romanov with the image of the founder of SpaceX. The video appeared on the network on May 16, but it became popular after the successful launch of the spacecraft to the ISS.
The frames show that the creator of SpaceX seems to be performing a Soviet hit.

Хакеры научились подделывать биометрию

Hackers have learned to fake biometrics

Modern hackers are able to fake biometric data. This was stated by CPO Group intellectual property specialist Sandro Kekua during the round table “human Digitalization: the future of personal data”, organized by the business magazine “invest-foresight” and the Institute for information transfer problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences named after A. Harkevich within the project “future design Club”.