RT prepared a deepfake video with Trump as its employee

A two-minute video on the US presidential election has been published on the Russia Today website. The staff of the TV channel presented what the current President of the United States of America could do on their TV channel.

In the video, Trump is played by an actor similar to him. For realism, deepfake technology is used, when an image or video is superimposed and adapted to the voice or actions of another person. The developers were not tasked with making the hero of the video look like Trump, so as not to mislead readers.

According to the plot, in November, after the presidential election, Trump arrives in a limousine at the RT office in Moscow. Inside, a special cabinet was made for him with a sign indicating the position of the RT presenter.

Trump is known for his dismissive attitude towards journalists. He insulted them, called them “scum” and “animals”, swearing with them at press conferences. He recently called “miraculous” the injury to a journalist who covered the Black Lives Matter protests in Minneapolis.

The video contains cuttings of the US President’s remarks, including that he would make a “good correspondent”. In the video, Trump is broadcasting live, trying on an RT baseball cap instead of the famous red one (with the slogan of the presidential campaign), criticizing CNN, examining and praising the wall of the Moscow Kremlin, and telling the cashier that Mexico will pay for his dinner.

At the end of the video, RT addresses Trump: “This is a deepfake parody, but the job is open, Donald. If nothing comes of the White House, consider it an official proposal. “

At the time of preparation of the material, the site with the video was unavailable due to the large number of requests. The publication of such a video clearly raised the TV channel’s rating.

We copied the video so that you can watch it personally.

On November 3, 2020, a presidential election will take place in America, in which the 46th head of the United States will be elected. At the end of August, it became known that the current US President Donald Trump officially agreed to run for a second term. He expressed gratitude for the trust and promised to protect America from all dangers.

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