Commvault Predicts Deepfake’s Dangerous Impact on Data

Don Foster, Vice President of Global Sales at Commvault, believes “Deep Fake technologies will drive the growth of the data integrity testing and verification market.”

Thanks to the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), AI-powered Deep Fake technologies are able to create realistic photos and videos in which people do things they have never actually done. These technologies create new risks – it is becoming more difficult for companies to ensure that their pictures, videos and other data streams have not been altered by special algorithms.

The risk of error due to the use of data modified by Deep Fake technologies is growing every day. In 2021, companies will need data integrity and verification solutions to identify images, videos, and other data streams that have been altered by AI. IT industry leaders and startups will release new data integrity and verification solutions that protect against Deep Fake fraudsters.

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  1. Deepfake is dangerous if it is in the wrong hands. Unethical deepfakes can be used for negative purposes to mislead audiences. However, it is right for companies to be more aware and knowledgeable about their assets to meet strict standards in privacy.

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