TikTok launches anti-fake feature

A new function will appear on the TikTok social network to combat the spread of inaccurate or inaccurate information. When watching a questionable video, the user will see a banner warning about unverified content. The product manager of the company, Gina Hernandez, spoke about this on the official website of the service.

Content posted on social media is usually checked by special services that TikTok partners with – PolitiFact, Lead Stories and SciVerify. If they find fakes, the video is removed from the platform.


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Moreover, in some cases it is not easy for services to determine the authenticity of this or that information.

“In this case, the video may not be acceptable for getting into the personal recommendation feed, as it is necessary to limit the dissemination of potentially misleading information”


With the new feature, if experts are unsure of the accuracy or cannot confirm the accuracy of the data, TikTok will flag such videos as containing “unverified content.”

The author of such content will receive a notification about the appearance of the tag. If the user decides to share such a video, he will be shown a warning, and other users will be able to watch the video only after reading the warning and giving their consent to view.

“This extra step requires a pause for people to consider their next action and choose“ close ”or“ share anyway ”


It is noted that when testing the function, the number of video reposts with unconfirmed content fell by 24 percent, and the number of likes under them decreased by seven percent.

“This feature will roll out throughout the coming weeks, starting in the US and Canada today”


Recall that on February 1, a law came into force in Russia, according to which social networks themselves are obliged to identify and block illegal information. It applies to the owners of social networks, which are used by more than 500 thousand users per day.

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