Gucci will sell digital clothing

Italian fashion house Gucci is looking for new sources of digital income. He started creating virtual garments and accessories. While they are available for free, but within a year the company plans to monetize this direction.

Digital avatar maker Genies has partnered with fashion brand Gucci and GIF sharing service Giphy. Now users will be able to buy digital clothes and accessories to dress their counterpart.

Until now, Genies has been building up its celebrity partner base. Now Justin Bieber, Pink, Cardi B, Rihanna, DJ Khaled, Jennifer Lopez, a number of famous athletes from the NFL and NBA are collaborating with the platform.

Co-founder of the company Akash Nigam notes that creating and selling virtual goods is a new way to build relationships with an audience (primarily with Gen Z) and remain a trendsetter in the digital environment.

Genies integrates brands into the SDK, after which they can offer users customized avatars and various products on their own platforms – in apps, games, etc.

So, Gucci will allow you to create and dress up a digital avatar inside a mobile application. The brand has been partnering with Genies for two years now, but was previously limited to the partner’s ecosystem. While virtual items are available for free, but within a year, the fashion house intends to monetize this direction.

Gucci Marketing Director Robert Trifuss says the future of retail is not limited to physical walls and digital ecosystems will enrich the shopping experience.

The idea is that fans of the brand will be able to “try on” clothes or accessories using avatars, AR and VR technologies, and then buy the product for real. In addition, marketers will have the opportunity to study user preferences and find out which products are most attractive to young audiences.

Integration with Giphy means Avatars and Genies Store will appear on a wide variety of services, from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to Pinterest.

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  1. В середине этого месяца Gucci совместно с белорусской компанией Wanna выпустила кроссовки, которые можно «надевать» только на фото в интернете. Их можно купить и примерить только в специальных приложениях. Стоимость в приложении Gucci составляет $11,99, в приложении Wanna — $8,99.

    Virtual 25 – это массивные кроссовки ярко-зеленого цвета, с розовыми и небесно-голубыми вставками. Дизайн разработал креативный директор Gucci Алессандро Микеле, а «цифровизацию» обеспечила белорусская компания Wanna, занимающаяся созданием приложений с использованием дополненной реальности.

    Чтобы обуть такие кроссовки, нужно зайти в мобильное приложение Gucci или Wanna Kicks.

    Ознакомиться с информацией можно на сайте

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