Deepfake bloggers gain popularity

DOB Studio CEO Oh Jae Wook claims that the technology his company has developed is different from what is commonly referred to as a “deepfake.” While standard deepfake technology simply combines the features of a real person with the features of someone else, the DOB Studio system creates a completely new face, making it nearly impossible for the human eye to recognize a fake

A/B тест? Почему не A/Z?

A/B Test? Why not A/Z?

A couple years down the line, in my marketing gig, A/B Testing was an integral part of my job: keywords, ad groups, copywriting, videos, platforms, actors, the whole laundry list. Each test incurred money, time, and the hassle of pulling the lines on other people, and more importantly

AI learned to identify fake photos by eyes

This document describes the methodology developed by Siwei Lyu of the State University of New York at Buffalo. The proposed method detects deepfakes by analyzing the corneas of the human eyes, which are capable of displaying the external environment. Since a person’s eyes are located much closer to each other than the light source, in a real photograph the reflections in both eyes are almost the same, i.e. in a real photo, the reflection in both eyes of a person will be identical, and the synthesized images cannot yet accurately convey this similarity

EA allows you to generate virtual landscapes

In addition, the neural network is able to add specific topographic features such as caves, lakes and rivers, while at the same time creating distinctions between types of terrain. The created neural network is smart enough to make the generated terrain realistic, and not appear as a patchwork quilt of various pieces. Moreover, at the borders of regions, it is able to create natural transitions and geographic features based on real data