Deepfake copies of stars began to appear on TikTok

The DeepTomCruise account has appeared on the TikTok social network, on which deepfake videos with Tom Cruise indistinguishable from real deepfake are published. Three videos were published in the profile, which in total scored 8 million views. From the name of the profile, it is clear that this is not a real actor, but his copy, created using deepfake technology.

The DeepTomCruise account is tied to the account of Miles Fisher, a little-known impersonator of Cruise. Previously, Fischer “played” Tom Cruise without deepfake technologies, as he is already quite similar to the real Tom Cruise.

Fischer recorded a joke video in support of Tom Cruise in the elections

Fischer later released another video to promote Cruise’s fake campaign.

To achieve maximum realism when creating the video, we used professional computer graphics and deepfake algorithms. For this, visual effects specialist Chris Yume was hired. He replaced Fischer’s face with Cruise’s, putting on a virtual mask with Tom’s face.

The new videos with Tom Cruise are most likely a continuation of the work of Chris Yume. The proliferation of fake posts with well-known public figures and politicians on social networks and not only in them is of great concern.

How to distinguish a real record from a generated one

Distinguishing a real record from a fake is becoming more and more difficult. Now, to do this, you have to make a lot of effort. Let’s consider this with the current example:

Firstly, the voice of DeepTomCruise does not quite resemble the voice of the real Cruise, moreover, lip sync in some moments lags slightly behind the spoken speech. You can hear how the real Cruz’s voice sounds by watching a short video clip. Hopefully the voice of the actor was not changed during the dubbing.

Secondly, judging by the physique, the figure in the video does not belong to Tom Cruise, but to another actor. Over time, this defect can be corrected. Already developed algorithms that can replace not only the face, but also the figure.

Thirdly, in one of the videos there are a couple of noticeable artifacts, for example, when the sunglasses disappear and the actor’s mouth transforms for a couple of frames. To identify such errors, it is necessary to view the entire video frame by frame, which in real life very few people will do.


It is not yet known what the real Tom Cruise thinks about this account and how TikTok treats the creation of such accounts. There is no doubt that in the future the quality of such videos will improve and it will become even more difficult to distinguish a fake video from a real one. We should all be wary of unauthorized use of our images. This trend is growing. Fakes with famous people have already begun to appear in the Clubhouse. And this is just the beginning. To protect against such attempts, mechanisms must be implemented to identify registration on behalf of another person and laws have been developed at the state level prohibiting the creation and placement of unauthorized records from public and ordinary citizens.

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