The history of the creation of the fairy tale “The Little Humpbacked Horse”, and its adaptation

Facts only
– The Russian fairy tale film “The Little Humpbacked Horse” grossed over 1 billion rubles in 18 days of distribution
– There have never been so many animated characters in Russian cinema as in The Little Humpbacked Horse: from a huge whale to a tiny insect.
– Fabulous costumes! About 300 items of clothing were sewn for the crowd alone. And they were all hand-painted.
– The shooting took place in large-scale scenery near St. Petersburg. ⠀
– The main roles in the film were played by Anton Shagin, Mikhail Efremov and Paulina Andreeva. To create the image of the Little Humpbacked Horse, the movements, voice and facial expressions of the actor Pavel Derevianko were used