In Japan, created a mask, the prototype of which real people

The owner of a Tokyo store creates unique masks. The whole idea is that the prototype for them is the faces of real people. Anyone can “sell their face”, it will be scanned, and then a mask will be made using 3D printing for sale.

Shuhei Okawara’s shop is located on one of the oldest shopping streets in downtown Tokyo. It sells between 200 and 300 masks, each of which is a work of art.


Okawara’s shop sells accessories for parties and theatrical events. It sells masks for about $ 950. As the entrepreneur suggests, such masks will be very popular, because buying someone else’s face will move into a fantastic film.

“From the very beginning of my business, I thought that I should try buying and selling people’s faces. This is why I don’t feel like I’m doing something special. I thought it would be fun to have a mask shop where people buy and sell faces”


A year after the outbreak of the coronavirus, Okawara came up with a hyper-realistic mask that simulates the facial features of a stranger in three dimensions. Shuhei Okawara’s masks won’t protect against the virus, but they will provide an exact replica of the adult Japanese person whose facial features were printed on them.

According to Okawara, masks are bought both by the “owners” of the faces and by other people. He admits that many consider his works “unpleasant”, but he is sure that using such masks will be “fun for everyone.”

One of the main “tricks” of the MCU “Mission Impossible” is the transformation of characters using masks that cannot be distinguished from the face of a real person. From a distance it is almost impossible to distinguish them from real faces, and if you make up correctly, then close up the person in them will resemble a completely different person.

The masks are 3D printed and are sized 105% of the face for easy donning. Unfortunately, they are made of plastic, so it is difficult to wear them and also cannot transfer facial expressions.

The Japanese buys the rights to their faces from people in order to make new masks. Participants receive $ 400 for permission to make masks based on their faces. It sounds like a dystopian fantasy.

In the future, the Japanese man plans to expand the collection of masks with a line of “faces” from other countries. If the project is successful, as Okawara suggests, he will start looking around the world for prototype masks. Would you be able to give your face to someone?

With modern technology, the masks come out very realistic, but tthe first masks created were creepy. Look at them and find out why the ancients made them if they didn’t have parties and masquerades.

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