The Japanese scan celebrities for digital twins

Photo: Screenshot | Creating a digital twin of the Ai Tominaga model

The new technology will allow models and actors to participate in filming even during a tough quarantine.

Japanese startup CyberHuman Productions is scanning celebrities to create digital counterparts.

Writes about this edition Japan Today.

CyberHuman Productions creates digital content, including 3D computer graphics (3DCG). The day before, the company announced that it had accepted an order from the CyberAgent agency, which arranges castings for virtual copies of famous people. As part of the Digital Twin Label project, the agency and the startup plan to create 500 celebrity twins by 2023 who can officially work on behalf of the stars in a virtual environment.

Specialists copy a person’s appearance using high-definition 3D scanning technology, record his movements and voice, and artificial intelligence processes images and audio recordings. Based on this physiological data, a high quality digital copy is created, in the flesh before lip syncing. CyberHuman Productions and Digital Twin Label are pushing for virtual clones to be widely used in the digital space, and the phenomenon has become familiar to both content creators and consumers.

Japanese model Ai Tominaga became the first star to receive her “digital twin”. Her digital counterpart was created using 3DCG data from not only her face, but her entire body, which will allow her to participate in filming or virtual fashion shows. Ai Tominaga can now promote her talents in the Metaverse.

Due to the pandemic, people around the world have to reduce physical contact, including work-related ones. Quarantine restrictions create great difficulties for the entertainment industry, for example, actors have to skip filming due to illness or as a preventive measure if a colleague is sick. Many artists have switched to virtual platforms such as “Metaverse”, which uses “digital art NFT” technology.

Earlier they wrote that some of the partners of one of the largest consulting and audit companies Ernst & Young switched to communicating with clients through deepfakes “themselves”.

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