Terms and definitions (D)


The point on the crest, located closest (immediately before) to the point of divergence of the two border papillary ridges.

Deoxyribo nucleic acid, DNA
A complex molecule found in almost every cell of the body and carrying genetic information from one generation to the next.

Detection error trade-off curve; DET curve
Modified performance curve plotting error probabilities (false positive on the X axis and false negative on the Y axis).

The number of pixels in the resulting fingerprint in the horizontal or vertical direction.

Dissimilarity score/ distance score
A comparison result that decreases with similarity

DNA profiling or typing
A method used by scientists to distinguish between individuals by examining the differences in their DNA.

Dots per inch; dpi
A unit of measure for the spatial resolution of a scanner or printer.

Reduces image resolution by resampling the image with a reduced number of pixels.

Duplicate biometric enrolment check
Verification with biometric identification, which is performed as part of the biometric registration process to confirm the existing status of biometric registration for the subject of biometric data.

Dynamic event
Pen detach, pen touch, or pivot event.

Dynamic-event data
Data that records the pen position, pressure, and time of a specific dynamic event.