Terms and definitions (T)


2D image
A two-dimensional representation of the brightness and / or texture of a subject under certain lighting conditions.

3D image
Representation of a surface in three-dimensional space.

3D point map
A set of 3D points representing a survey object, where each point is recorded using X, Y, and Z coordinate values in 3D space.

3D vertex representation
A representation that uses the three-dimensional coordinates of vertices and the triangles between them to encode a three-dimensional surface.

Target population
The group of users of the system for which the performance is assessed.

Technology evaluation
Testing one or more algorithms for recognizing the same biometric modalities using a pre-existing or specially collected database of samples in deferred mode.

Information to be stored is derived from the biometric characteristics of the user based on features extracted from samples intended for registration.

A two-dimensional representation of the brightness and / or color of a subject under specific lighting conditions.

Texture projection matrix
3×4 matrix for converting the coordinates of a three-dimensional surface from a rectangular coordinate system to coordinates of a two-dimensional texture image. The transformation allows you to use the coordinates of a point 8 in 3D space in the same way as the coordinates of a point in 2D space.

Template/reference template
Data representing the biometric characteristics of a person and used by the system for comparison with the received biometric samples.

Test crew member
Selected biometric data subject whose interaction with the working biometric system is monitored or tracked
within the test.

Test organisation
The official organization under which the test is conducted.

Test subject
The user whose biometric data will be registered or compared during testing.

The end point of the nail or the soft tissues of the finger, through the projection of which the most extended contour of the finger passes.

A numerical value (or a set of values) that sets the degree of similarity or correlation, the excess of which allows the biometric sample to be considered as corresponding to the control biometric template.

The exclusion of the identifier(s) of the biometric control template associated with the biometric control template(s) and / or identifiers for the biometric sample(s) that failed to achieve the level of any type of assessment.

Hand contour data obtained during registration from the palm side or from the back of the hand.

A sequence of attempts by the user to register, verify or identify

True­ positive identification rate/identification rate
Percentage of identification transactions of users registered in the system, as a result of which the correct user identifier is among the returned identifiers.

Turning point
An event in which the sign of the direction obtained from nearby samples of one of the X, Y, or F channels changes.

Two extreme ridges starting in parallel, diverging and surrounding or tending to surround the finger pattern.