Generative Inhumans

Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, it is becoming more difficult to understand where is reality and where is fake. If last year deepfake technology caused concern, now there is a fake face phenomenon, that is, the creation of images of non-existent people indistinguishable from real images. According to experts, this technology is actively used for political propaganda

Russia has created a service for recognizing fake videos with 90% accuracy

В основу представленного VIEN сервиса легла технология Fake Video Detection Service (FVDS), работающая, в свою очередь, с помощью моделей компьютерного зрения, позволяющего покадрово оценить и классифицировать все присутствующие на видеозаписях объекты

Deepfake and other fake videos – how to protect yourself

Deepfake authors can blackmail the CEOs of large companies by threatening to publish a fake video that could undermine their reputation if they do not pay compensation. Fraudsters can also, for example, infiltrate your network by faking a call from the CIO and tricking employees into providing passwords and access privileges, after which your confidential data will be at the complete disposal of hackers