New AI helps talk with famous people (even dead)

A new tool of artificial intelligence (AI) was taught to imitate replicas of famous historical characters. He was trained on the basis of statements and texts of books.
Новый ИИ помогает поговорить с известными людьми (даже мертвыми)

A project called AI | Writer uses the OpenAI text generator API to create simulated conversations with virtual historical figures. First, the system processes the message itself, and then its recipient to select the correct answer from its database. To do this, she uses the database API.

Digitized characters can answer questions about their work, explain scientific theories or express opinions. For example, the scientist Maria Skłodowska-Curie told users about how Becquerel radiation works, the writer Herbert Wells revealed an inspiration for the novel The Time Machine, and director Alfred Hitchcock compared Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar to Space Odyssey.

The developers note that avatars are well-versed in historical facts, but can constantly change their minds and answer the same questions in different ways.

This AI can be asked very simple and complex questions. However, the engineers set a limit of 300 words for each message.

Like real people, AI will answer questions based on how convincing the user’s message is. For example, if a historical character is known for his rudeness, then his virtual version will copy his behavior.

Researchers emphasized that AI | Writer “should not be considered a reliable source or an accurate reflection of the views and opinions of these people” – this is just an experiment to study the interaction of users with AI. In the future, they plan to provide access to this tool to more users. If you want to join the waiting list, you can register here.

Based on materials from HiTech. Author Ilnur Sharafiev

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  1. With virtual human identity, you can use it as a real person’s digital representation or create a unique character and script an identity. These AI-generated technologies have a lot of reasons why they were continuously developing. And the opportunities it opens up for educational, health, and entertainment purposes.

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