Steve Wozniak loses deepfake ad lawsuit with his face

Fraudsters on behalf of well-known heads of IT companies asked to transfer cryptocurrency to a specific wallet.

In the video, scammers on behalf of Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and Elon Musk promised that anyone who transfers bitcoins to a wallet can take twice as much, Bloomberg reports.

In July 2020, Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple, filed a lawsuit on YouTube. He was unhappy that a fraudulent advertisement was being broadcast on this site, allegedly with his participation.

Steve Wozniak filed a lawsuit against YouTube in July 2020. He is one of 18 victims who are trying to get compensation from the fraudsters through the courts. The statement states that the platform not only failed to identify the deepfake and remove it, but also sold ads for distribution. In his lawsuit, Wozniak referred to article 230 of the US federal law, which obliges sites to be responsible for user content.

Wozniak demanded compensation from YouTube and Google, which owns the service, which consisted of the profits earned from displaying fraudulent ads.

As Wozniak argued in his lawsuit, YouTube not only failed to determine that this ad video was fraudulent, but also benefited from its display, since it took money from the advertiser to show it to users. Sunil Kulkarnia, who is a Santa Clara County Supreme Court Justice, cited US federal law that YouTube is not responsible for user-posted content.

The judge gave Wozniak 30 days to appeal. During this time, he may reformulate his claims to prove that he is entitled to some kind of redress for YouTube misconduct.

Previously, Jay Z and Arnold Schwarzenegger filed lawsuits in court for not coordinating the use of their images.

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