Terms and definitions (A)


Acceptable biometric capture attempt
An attempt to collect biometric data that meets the requirements of the process of collecting biometric data.

A change in biometric characteristic (during one or more transactions) that may affect the ability of the biometric system to process a biometric sample.

Active impostor attempt
An attempt in which a subject provides a fake or copied biometric sample, or specially modified self biometric characteristics, in order to obtain a positive comparison with another user’s template.

Active forgery attempt
An attempt by an impostor, in which a subject tries to match the template of another subject by presenting a false or copied biometric sample or by deliberately changing his own biometric characteristics.

The person conducting the test or registration.

The sequence of actions of the biometric system aimed at solving the problem

One of the possible alternative forms of a DNA sequence located at the location of a particular gene.

Anonymised biometric data record
A record of biometric data that has intentionally been separated from individual metadata.

Anthropometric landmark
A reference point on the face, used to recognize and classify people.

Anthropometric landmark code
A two-part code that uniquely identifies the anthropometric point.

An organization that requests to register it as an organization that is a member of the unified structure of biometric data exchange formats, or an already registered organization that is a member of the unified structure of biometric data exchange formats, which requests to register the format of the leading organization of the unified structure of biometric data exchange formats, the BDB format, information security block format or biometric product.

Man-made object or representation with a copy of biometric characteristics or synthesized biometric data.

Attach session
A temporary relationship between an application, an individual BSP, and a set of modules directly or indirectly controlled by the BSP.

Presenting to the system one biometric sample or a set of biometric samples.

A representative of the biometric system operator who directly interacts with the subject of biometric data collection.

An action proving or showing an undeniable origin or authenticity.