Scammers began to use deepfake copies of people to deceive

Dmitry Matskevich is a well-known entrepreneur in Russia, and is unlikely to get involved with scammers. These videos were probably created by scammers using deepfake.
Stay away from those offering quick earnings. If someone knows how you can increase your fortune by 360% annually, then he should keep this secret a secret, and not devalue it, attracting hundreds of new competitors.

Rise in identity fraud

In 2020, there are several new ways to cheat using generated data. To do this, scammers fake both voices and speech patterns. We have previously reported on one such method of persuading a fraudulent transfer. In another case, for the sake of persuasion, they faked the image of a plastic card to which they asked to transfer money

Algorithms appeared, more dangerous than deepfake

Yesterday everyone was talking about the danger of algorithms that generate fake images and voices. The possibility of using these algorithms for constructive purposes was discussed. But such algorithms are already yesterday. 2021 will be marked by the emergence of more dangerous algorithms: algorithms that understand the reason for certain actions and adapt to our psychological perception. Social engineering is automated and put on stream

Deepfake for business: who and how they will earn?

Ads with virtual models, digital TV presenters, and fake presidential speeches are the reality generated by machine learning algorithms. In 2020, artificial intelligence technologies will penetrate deeper into telecommunications, entertainment and form new markets. The development of deepfakes is closely watched by cybersecurity experts, investigating new forms of fraud using advanced technologies